The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) congratulates Charter Fellow Robert Paquette along with co-editor Rebecca Fox on their efforts to complete the fifth volume of Unbought Grace: An Elizabeth Fox Genovese Reader.

The University of South Carolina Press has announced the publication of Volume 5, Unbought Grace: An Elizabeth Fox Genovese Reader, which completes a five volume series, History and Women, Culture and Faith:  Selected Writings of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, edited by David Moltke-Hansen.

“Concluding this multivolume series of Fox-Genovese’s fugitive works, Unbought Grace: An Elizabeth Fox-Genovese Reader, draws on earlier volumes in the series to provide an overview of fundamental intellectual concerns that shaped her writings. Divided into two parts—sixteen essays written by Fox-Genovese and ten remembrances of her life—the contents of this volume demonstrate her remarkable range of subjects, methods, and audiences as she examined both historical and contemporary issues.”  AHI advisers Robert George and Mark Smith and AHI Fellows Robert Paquette, Douglas Ambrose, and Sheila O’Connor-Ambrose contributed to section 2.

“Elizabeth Fox-Genovese was an important as well as controversial figure in central theoretical debates across numerous fields:  African American, Women’s, and Cultural Studies, European and Southern Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History and Religion,” observed Moltke-Hansen.  “Her intellectual breadth and her move from Marxism to Roman Catholicism have defeated easy comprehension.  This reader, drawing from the range of her work, helps put her engagements and shifts in perspective.  More, it helps make clear the striking continuities of her thought.  Throughout her career, she always opposed liberalism.  This stance made her anomalous, but attention to it also helps correct conventional narratives of the shape of American intellectual history in the third of a century before Fox-Genovese’s death in 2007–a history in which she was a key player.”

Paquette’s essay, “Beyond Self: Reading Elizabeth Fox-Genovese,” introduces the volume and has been republished by the National Association of Scholars on its website.