On Sunday, 5 September, the AHI held a special reception for the fifty-five current undergraduate fellows who participate in the intellectual life of the AHI in a variety of ways. Each of the fellows received gifts. Professors Chris Hill, Ted Eismeier, Jim Bradfield, and Robert Paquette spoke about the history of the AHI and the exciting opportunities and programming ahead for the fellows.

Leadership luncheons give fellows the opportunity to engage scholars and public intellectuals brought to Clinton by the AHI. Fellows are among the leaders of student groups hosted by AHI, including the Publius Society, which sponsors discussions about American constitutionalism, and the Christopher Dawson Society for the Study of Faith and Reason. Fellows also launch their own new initiatives and events. Thomas Cheeseman ’12 helped develop the Friedrich Hayek reading group supported by AHI in conjunction with the Charles Koch Foundation.

Kayla Safran ’13 and Andre Zakoworotny ’11 were the leaders of evening session devoted to the movie Fountainhead and the consideration of the ideas, novels, and films of Ayn Rand. Kayla and Maggie Goulder ’13 are the campus representatives of the AHI Undergraduate Fellows.

Welcome to you all.