The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) is pleased to announce that Dr. Leslie Marsh, Research Associate, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of British Columbia and charter fellow of the Michael Oakeshott Association, has published two new works of interest. The first, A Companion to Michael Oakeshott, is for those with a general interest in the work of Oakeshott.  Readers may find of particular interest Dr. Marsh’s co-editor’s chapter “Un Début dans la Vie Humaine: Michael Oakeshott on Education.” Oakeshott was one of the twentieth-century’s most eloquent and ardent defenders of liberal arts education. The second publication, Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology has chapters that deal with link between the mind and liberality.

A friend and supporter of the AHI, Dr. Marsh has received advanced degrees in the study of religions, classical civilization, politics and sociology, and philosophy as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Sussex in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He visited the AHI earlier this year to speak with undergraduate fellows on the famous works of Oakeshott.  Thanks in large part to Dr. Marsh, The Michael Oakeshott Association gifted the AHI with a multivolume collection of Oakeshott’s works.