In a letter dated 19 February, the Board of Directors of DonorsTrust announced that the AHI had received a major grant from VERITAS to support the  continued partnership of the AHI with Encounter Books.  In October 2009, the AHI unveiled at its headquarters, the Encounter Bookshelf, a bookstore that features publications by Encounter Books and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

“The AHI family could not be more delighted with this news, said AHI co-founder Douglas Ambrose.  The grant will advance our common interests at educational reform and in elevating civic literacy.”  “That VERITAS saw fit to continue to fund our efforts with a major grant honors us,”  observed Robert Paquette, “and also energizes us to greater deeds.  James Piereson has stood as a steadfast supporter of the AHI from its inception, and his presence at our headquarters in October allowed us to show what we have accomplished in little more than two years of operation.   We are deeply grateful to him in particular.”

Encounter Books seeks to strengthen “the markeplace of ideas” and to promote “educational activities to help preserve democratic culture.” Encounter specializes in the publication of  non-fiction, including current affairs, biography, history, political science, and public policy.

Roger Kimball  serves as President and Publisher of Encounter Books.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Alexander Hamilton Institute to bring a bit of genuine intellectual diversity to Clinton, NY, and environs.  Imagine introducing students to the ideas of writers like Thomas Sowell! Imagine exposing them to the idea that ‘global warming’ is not exactly what Al Gore told them it was!  Imagine books and magazines that do not present America as a racist, homophobic, patriarchal exercise in oppression but as one of history’s signal success stories! Imagine writers who come to the AHI and local institutions who challenged the reigning politically correct orthodoxy on a wide range of social, moral, and aesthetic questions!  That’s what this collaboration between Encounter and the AHI aims to do  and I am delighted that our efforts have succeeded so well in the first year that our generous supporters have enabled us to carry on for another year. “