David Frisk, Resident Fellow at The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) was on WUTQ radio in Utica, NY to discuss major events of 2020 and AHI’s purposes and activities.

“The hosts of this drive-time program, Talk of the Town, have long been interested in hearing perspectives from the Alexander Hamilton Institute,” Dr. Frisk said. “This morning, they started by inviting me to explain the AHI and what it does. They were curious about what it offers to Hamilton College students, and also about the continuing education classes we provide here (currently by screen). And they’re always interested in what I think of major events, given my background in political science — including this year’s election, which we discussed toward the end of the interview. I was on a couple of other times this year as well.”

Frisk continued, “Their program is a real asset to the community — especially with all the local guests whom they schedule to discuss public affairs. It’s always good to be one of them.”