Daniel J. Mahoney,  an AHI Senior Fellow and Chairman and Professor of Political Science at Assumption College, has published an essay on Malcolm Muggeridge, “Rediscovering St. Mugg,” in the 13 October issue of The Catholic Thing.

Muggeridge, at one time a left-wing reporter for the Guardian, shifted rightward after witnessing firsthand the horrors of Stalinism in the 1930s.  His rethinking of the meaning of modern ideologies with their heaven-on-earth designs led him to Christianity and eventually, in 1982, to communion in the Catholic Church.  Malcolm went to Moscow,” writes Professor Mahoney, “expecting to find ‘the green stick,’ the fabled this-worldly source of human happiness. Instead he discovered unprecedented tyranny based upon a ‘General Idea’ that had no place for human fallibility or the liberty and dignity of ordinary human beings.”