ADP/AHI summer intern Dan Hughes in front of AHI headquarters

Dan Hughes, the 2012 William “Bill” Vick fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) has completed his summer work and will soon transition to a job on Wall Street, training in banking and investment, with the firm of Charles Vista. Mr. Hughes spent much of his youth in London, where he attended The American School. At Hamilton College he majored in economics, played soccer, and during his freshman year became a brother of the Alpha Delta Phi (ADP) fraternity.  While at Hamilton College, Hughes attended a class in economics taught by AHI Charter Fellow James Bradfield, also a member of ADP.

Samuel Eels founded ADP as a literary society on the Hamilton College campus in 1832.  In 2010, principals of the AHI and of ADP jointly established a summer internship in honor of William “Bill” Vick, a 1936 graduate of Hamilton College. Vick placed a high value on the sacred Constitutional right of private association and on his membership in the Hamilton chapter of ADP fraternity. In adulthood, he tenaciously fought to preserve the rights of private societies in the face of opposition from hostile forces on campus. Jon Vick, Bill’s son and President Emeritus of ADP, committed funds to help support the ADP/AHI internship on an annual basis. The Vick award goes annually to a worthy member of ADP who is also a graduating senior at Hamilton College.  Candidates are judged by the standard of character and accomplishment exemplified by Bill Vick. Each intern receives a $2,000 summer stipend and is housed free of charge in the AHI’s headquarters. The intern participates in AHI functions and helps AHI fellows in daily activities.

AHI Charter Fellow James Bradfield and Hughes at AHI with portrait of Samuel Eels, founder of ADP, in the background

“My time at the AHI has been a wonderful experience for me as I transition into the world after Hamilton, Hughes reflected.”  “While I have continued to explore my interest in economic history by reading some classic as well as contemporary texts, I have also been exposed to new areas through my duties at the institute, most notably as a participant in the conference on natural law.  I am immensely grateful for the ability to learn, live, and work at the AHI this summer and I will leave for the next phase of my life as a more well-rounded and informed citizen, fully supportive of the mission of the institute.”

“Dan Hughes proved to be an exemplary intern,” commented AHI Charter Fellow Robert Paquette.   He performed every assigned task with care and efficiency and participated actively in the AHI’s intellectual life, acquiring a good dose of Hayek before heading for Wall Street.  He has a bright future ahead of him.”  “Dan Hughes is an affable, industrious young man,” added James Bradfield. “He played varsity soccer throughout his four year at Hamilton. He listens well to advice. He held several positions of leadership in the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Most recently, he organized the first annual public speaking contest sponsored by the fraternity. To accomplish this, he solicited contestants, and obtained the services of three independent persons to serve as judges. We look forward to his younger fraternity brothers continuing these public speaking contests in future years, and to encourage brothers to give speeches at the AHI.”