AHI Undergraduate Fellow Andrew Menges

The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) is pleased to announce that Undergraduate Fellow Andrew Menges has received a summer internship at the New-York Historical Society (NYHS).  Menges, a senior history major at Hamilton College, will work in the NYHS’s Education Department.  He will supply administrative support and assist in the creation of school programs for students of all ages and materials for the professional development of teachers.   He will also be engaged in research on topics related to two main NYHS programs in 2012: Dutch-era New York City and World War II.

“I have had the pleasure of teaching Andrew Menges several times during the course of his undergraduate career,” said AHI Charter Fellow Douglas Ambrose. “He has consistently impressed me with both his intellectual curiosity and his quiet but strong character.  A gentleman–in the best sense of the word–he has grown into a confident, thoughtful, and caring young man.  He recognizes, as do all who truly wish to learn, that knowledge and understanding require humility, hard work, and, especially, a willingness to go where the evidence leads.  He has been a joy to teach and to know.”

“Andrew Menges is one of the finest young men I have encountered in my thirty-one years of teaching at Hamilton College,” added AHI Charter Fellow Robert Paquette.  “He is studious and serious; he possesses outstanding character.  He wants to learn and takes criticism well.  He is not the kind of undergraduate to make the same mistake twice.  His parents deserve applause.”