Max Brindle, an AHI Undergraduate Fellow, has received a position in the Associate Program of the Charles G. Koch Foundation in Washington, D. C.  Max, from Alexandria, Virginia, is a senior government major at Hamilton College.

According to the Koch Foundation website,

“The Koch Associate Program is a challenging job opportunity in DC for professionals who are passionate about free-market ideas, and want to become more effective at advancing liberty throughout their careers. The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation’s aim is to develop the capabilities of the Associates through the program by providing management training, professional development, and the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their career potential.

Associates come from a wide range of backgrounds from recent college graduates to PhDs, former employees of the public and private sectors, and students of subjects from economics to communications. What distinguishes the Associates is the drive to effectively advance the ideas of liberty throughout their careers.”

Max Brindle is “an active member of the undergraduate fellows of the Alexander Hamilton Institute,” observed AHI co-founder James Bradfield.  “I know Max and his work well.  He works industriously (and successfully!) to acquire sophisticated knowledge of whatever he is studying, and he speaks and writes well.  He also has good insights into the current political situation in the nation.”

“Max Brindle has become something of a fixture at the AHI since its inception in 2007,” observed AHI director Robert Paquette.  “He received a prize for a paper on property rights; he participates in the AHI’s Hayek group; he undertook an independent study, “The Making of American Scripture,” based on a colloquium the AHI organized in 2010.  He has toughness, intelligence, and spirit–entrepreneurial spirit. The AHI could not be more pleased with this news.”