David Frisk, a Resident Fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), now writes a weekly political commentary for the recently established website Political Storm. After November, he will write every two weeks for the site.

AHI Resident Fellow David Frisk

Political Storm describes itself as “a truly bipartisan place” for “respectful but passionate dialogue.” Its publisher, Jon Saltzman, is a businessman and former CEO with a lifelong interest in politics. Dr. Frisk is one of the site’s featured, paid contributors.
His commentaries, which first ran on September 30, include “The Republicans’ Future,” “Anti-Trump Hysteria Republicans,” and “Late-Campaign Thoughts.”
Commentaries by AHI staff represent their own views and are not positions of the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, which does not endorse candidates or attempt to affect elections.

A Resident Fellow since 2013, Dr. Frisk teaches the AHI’s adult education courses in political science and history. He is also assisting with its current undergraduate reading group on Friedrich Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty.

In the past year, he has co-authored two election commentaries for the Washington Examiner, served as a panelist for an election-related discussion sponsored by the Levitt Public Affairs Center at Hamilton College, and been a frequent radio guest on the Barry Farber program and the Steve Curtis “Wake Up!” show on KLZ-AM in Denver. In addition, he has published three book reviews at Liberty Fund’s “Library of Law and Liberty.”