Professor Theodore J. Eismeier, Professor of Government at Hamilton College, has announced his retirement in 2012 after more than thirty years of service to the College. During that period, he has touched the lives of hundreds of undergraduates, many of whom, as alumni, fondly refer to themselves as “Tedheads.”

“As a Senior Fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Institute,” said Robert Paquette, “Ted contributed so much, early on, that he deserves to be called co-founder.  We have plans for Ted, and he will continue his association with the AHI in a variety of creative endeavors.”   The Publius Society and the AHI Undergraduate Fellows Program were Ted’s creations. He organized and directed the AHI’s Fourth Annual Carl B. Menges Colloquium, “Law, Technology, and American Constitutional Government: Curing the Mischiefs of Faction in the 21st Century,” which featured Marc Elias, one of this country’s most prominent attorneys and an unabashed “Tedhead.”

“Professor Eismeier exemplified the best of Hamilton.” observed Mr. Elias, “He expected the best of his students and knew how to help them achieve it.  As I look back at my education, including four years at Hamilton and three years at Duke, no one stands out as more important to my education or as a better professor than Ted Eismeier.  It is impossible to overstate what Ted Eismeier has meant to a generation of Hamilton students. I speak for literally hundreds of alumni when I say that we wouldn’t be where we are today without his teaching and mentoring.”  AHI Charter Fellow James Bradfield, who also has announced his retirement from Hamilton in 2012, offered this:   “Ted initiated many of the programs now offered by the AHI.  My favorite is the undergraduate fellows program because that program has encouraged a large number of students to take initiatives in creating programs of their own.  In the numerous discourtesies and obstructionism conducted by the College toward the AHI, including several toward Ted personally, he always took the high road and counseled us to do the same, thereby setting a standard by which we can all benefit.”

In honor of Professor Eismeier’s distinguished service to higher education and the AHI, we proudly announce the creation of the Theodore J. Eismeier Fellowship in Political Science.  Erik Filipiak, a “Tedhead” and recent Ph. D. in political science from Cornell University, will receive the first award.  Fundraising will begin immediately to put the award in 2012 on an annual competitive basis.  Details forthcoming.