Liberty Fund, an educational non-profit organization dedicated to “the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals,” furthers its mission each year by holding dozens of colloquia in the United States and abroad.  Invited participants typically include persons of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise who engage over several days in intense, serious conversation centered on a prescribed set of readings issued well in advance of the gathering.   To be invited to a Liberty Fund colloquium is to enjoy an intellectual feast; repeated invitations to Liberty Fund events confer a distinct honor on the invitee.

AHI co-founder Douglas Ambrose participated in a Liberty Fundcolloquium,  “Alexander Hamilton on Executive Power as the Guarantee of Liberty,” held in Indianapolis, June 11-14.  Professor Ambrose joined a group of fifteen panelists who included historians, political scientists, judges, and lay persons.  They examined writings by Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke on the relation of executive power to liberty. Topics discussed included “The Theoretical Foundations of Executive Power,” “Executive Power and the Constitution,” and “The Administration of Executive Power.”

Professor Ambrose reports that the colloquium was “a stimulating intellectual experience, marked by intense but civil debate and warm collegiality.”  The AHI congratulates Professor Ambrose on receiving the invitation.