The Edmund Burke Association will hold its inaugural meeting at the Alexander Hamilton Institute on Thursday evening, 7 February.  Robert Kraynak, Director of the Center for Freedom & Western Civilization at Colgate Universityand a Senior Fellow of the AHI, will present at 7 pm on “Conservatism in Modern America:  The Challenge of Edmund Burke.”  Professor Kraynak will explore Burke’s political thought in relation to neoconservatism, libertarianism, and other strands of right-of-center thinking in the contemporary United States.

Professor Kraynak’s talk will be open to the public; a reception will follow.

For differing views of Burke, consult Alan Ryan and Peter Stanlis.

Hamilton College’s Republican Club founded the Edmund Burke Association in December 2006 as a study group, open to undergraduates of all political persuasions, interested in political theory and political thought related to the founding of the United States.  The AHI is pleased to host the association’s inaugural event and subsequent activities.