In April of each year, the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) holds as the pièce de résistance of its annual programming a major colloquium. It brings together scholars, students, and informed citizens for 2 1/2 days of intensive conversation on a central theme.  Named after Carl B. Menges, a graduate of Hamilton College and the Harvard Business School and a charter member of the AHI’s Board of Directors, the colloquium includes classes of undergraduates. They read the same set of prescribed readings as the conferees and have assignments related both to the readings and the discussion of them at the colloquium. In 2007 Mr. Menges also established a fund to recognize undergraduate achievement at the colloquium. On September 17, Constitution Day of each year, the AHI announces publicly the winners.

The AHI is pleased to announce that Robert Gemborys, Jamie Lee, and Kristine Oren are the winners of the Fifth Annual Carl B. Menges Awards.  Each receives for their achievement a Barnes & Noble NOOK and a year’s subscription to The New Criterion, the finest journal of arts and culture published in the United States.

Robert Gemborys

Jamie Lee

Kristine Oren

Students from the University of Rochester, Hampden-Sydney College, Hamilton College, Villanova University, and Colgate University participated in this year’s colloquium, which was devoted to the theme of limited government.  Winners of the Menges Awards responded to three assigned questions:  How do various groupings of right-of-center thinkers explain the rise and growth of big government in the United States?   How do they differ in their assessment of problems associated with big government?  How do they propose to rein in or limit big government?

Mr. Gemborys, a junior government major, resides in Wayne New Jersey.  Mr. Lee, a sophomore, is from Bangok, Thailand.  Ms. Oren, a junior who has a double major in economics and government, comes from Catawissa, Pennsylvania.  Congratulations from the AHI to you all.