The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) congratulates Max Schnidman, a former AHI Undergraduate Fellow, on his receipt of a job at the Federal Depository Insurance Corporation. Max will be joining the FDIC’s Research Fellows Program as an Economic Assistant beginning on August 11.

The FDIC’s Research Fellows Program is a two year program aimed at recent college graduates. The program is operated through the FDIC’s Division of Insurance and Research, which is responsible for monitoring the state of the US economy and the banking industry. The FDIC is responsible for maintaining the security of bank accounts, and ensures the reliability of financial institutions; as an Economic Assistant, Max will be given the opportunity to employ the skills in communication and analysis he developed during his time at Hamilton College and with the AHI, and apply them in in these areas, focusing on the financial industry and banking. “As an Economic Assistant,” said Schnidman, “I will be responsible for aiding economists in their projects in banking and regulation, whether through literature research, data acquisition and cleaning, or analysis.”

During his time at Hamilton, Schnidman was actively engaged in the AHI’s Undergraduate Fellows program and was recognized this past spring at the seventh annual Carl B. Menges Colloquium for his achievements. “At this year’s Carl B. Menges colloquium,” observed AHI Charter Fellow Robert Paquette, “Max Schnidman addressed a record crowd and spoke movingly about what the AHI had meant to him during his four years as an undergraduate.  He may not realize just how much he has meant to the AHI.  Max has all the tools to accomplish great things: energy, intelligence, attention to detail, self-discipline, and imagination.  He will be missed. But he knows the AHI will always be there for him as a home away from home.”

Max Schnidman, Former Publius Society & AHI Undergraduate Fellow


“The AHI and its amazing fellows have been at the center of my Hamilton experience,” commented Schnidman, “Seeing Prof. Ambrose in class convinced me to attend Hamilton, and Prof. Bradfield persuaded me to concentrate in economics. Additionally, Prof. Paquette served as a de facto advisor to me through my time at Hamilton College.” He also added, “I am proud to be joining the FDIC’s Research Fellows Program. I will have the opportunity to take the skills in analysis and communication I have developed through AHI activities and apply them to economic research, particularly in banking and finance.”

Schnidman graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors from Hamilton College with majors in both economics and philosophy.