Professor Justin Shubow

The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) is pleased to announce that Justin Shubow, President of the National Civic Art Society, has recently joined our Board of Academic Advisors.  A cultural critic and activist, Mr. Shubow is the author of The Gehry Towers over Eisenhower: The National Civic Art Society Report on the Eisenhower Memorial, a 150-page critique of the memorial’s competition, design, and agency approval. In June 2012, he testified to the House Subcommittee on National Parks on the future of the National Mall. In March 2013, he testified in front of the same subcommittee in defense of a bill to scrap Frank Gehry’s design for the Eisenhower Memorial.

A 2008 graduate of Yale Law School, Mr. Shubow spent four years in the University of Michigan’s Ph.D. program in philosophy, and has taught his own philosophy courses at Michigan and Yale. During law school, he was a Yale Journalism Scholar and studied in the International Security Studies’ Program in Grand Strategy. He is a former editor of Commentary magazine and The Forward newspaper, and has contributed reviews and criticism to numerous publications. He has spoken about architecture and other subjects at Baylor University and the Universities of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, among elsewhere. Mr. Shubow is a non-practicing member of the New York and D.C. Bars.