The Christopher Dawson Society will host an appearance at the AHI of William Murchison, author of Mortal Follies: Episcopalians and the Crisis of Mainline Christianity (Encounter, 2009).  Mr. Murchison has worked as a professional journalist since 1964. His columns in the Dallas Morning News became nationally syndicated in 1981. He is currently Radford Visiting Professor of Journalism at Baylor University.

Mortal Follies tells “the story of the Episcopal Church’s mad dash to catch up with a secular culture fond of self-expression and blissfully relaxed as to norms and truths. An Episcopal layman, William Murchison details how leaders of his church, starting in the late 1960s, looked over the culture of liberation, liked what they saw, and went skipping along with the shifting cultural mood—especially when the culture demanded that the church account for its sins of “heterosexism’ and ‘racism.’ Episcopalians have blended so deeply into the cultural woodwork that it’s hard sometimes to remember that it all began as a divine calling to the normative and the eternal.”

Mr.  Murchison’s presentation will occur at the AHI on Friday, 23 October at 7 pm and is open to the public.  A reception and book-signing will precede his talk, beginning at 5 pm.