David Hume ranks as one of the pivotal figures in modern Western political philosphy. His paradigm-breaking Treatise of Human Nature(1739-40) challenged accepted theories of natural law and understandings of reason and exerted a profound influence on the development of social theory, ethics, and politics.

Donald Livingston, Professor of Philosophy at Emory University, is one of the world’s foremost experts on Hume and sits on the editorial board ofHume Studies. His books include Hume’s Philosophy of Common Life(Chicago, 1984) and  Philosophical Melancholy and Delirium:  Hume’s Pathology of Philosphy (Chicago, 1998).  On 1 April  at 4:15 in the Hamilton College Science Auditorium, Professor Livingston will speak on David Hume’s position on the American Revolution:  “Why Did David Hume Support American Secession?”

The AHI’s headquarters will hold a reception and private dinner in Professor Livingston’s honor after the lecture.