The administration of President George W. Bush argued that the Constitution gives presidents broad authority and discretion, especially in matters of national security. Critics dispute this interpretation and worry about an imperial presidency.

On Sunday, October 25 from 7-8 PM at the Alexander Hamilton Institute, the Publius Society will sponsor a discussion of these issues, focusing on John Yoo and his critics. Yoo, Professor of Law at Berkeley, developed and defended President Bush’s broad warrants of authority.

Liz Farrington ’09, President of the Hamilton College Republicans and Undergraduate Fellow of AHI, and Will Leubsdorf, President of Hamilton College Democrats and Undergraduate Fellow of AHI, will frame the issues for a lively discussion of the following materials:

We will also consider to what extent the policies of the Obama presidency represent change or continuity:

Publius gatherings are open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

To see who else is attending, go to John Yoo’s Constitution event on Facebook. The Publius Society and the Alexander Hamilton Institute have Facebook groups.