The AHI and the Hamilton College Department of History will co-sponsor the appearance of Henry T. Edmondson III, Professor of Political Science at Georgia College and State University, on Thursday, 4 March and Friday, 5 March.  Professor Edmondson has authored books and essays on politics, literature, ethics, and education.  He directs the Georgia State’s University Center on Transatlantic Studies.  He is a leading authority on John Dewey and will be speaking on “Dewey and the Decline of American Education” on Thursday in the Red Pit (127 Kirner-Johnson Building, Hamilton College) at 4:15 pm.

On Friday, 11:45-1:30, Professor Edmondson will be directing a Leadership Luncheon with the AHI’s undergraduate fellows. He has chosen for discussion a marvelous essay “The Enduring Chill” by Flannery O’Connor.