AHI Holds Sixth Annual Carl B. Menges Colloquium April 18-20, 2013 at the Turning Stone Resort

Topic: “What is a Civilizational Struggle: The Work of Samuel Huntington”

Welcome and Introductory Remarks – Richard Erlanger, President, AHI

Past, Present, and Future of the AHI

Robert Paquette, Charter Fellow, AHI

A Remembrance of Fran Musselman

Carl B. Menges, Board of Directors, AHI

The AHI Undergraduate Experience

Dean Ball, AHI Undergraduate Leader of the Publius Society and the Montesquieu Group (Hamilton Class, 2014)

Sixth Annual Carl B. Menges Lecture
Keynote address “The Clash of Civilizations in the 21st Century: The Work of Samuel Huntington and the Realities of Today”

Dr. James R. Kurth, Claude Smith Professor of Political Science, Swarthmore College

Introduction of James Kurth by Professor Robert Kraynak, Director, Center for Freedom and Western Civilization, Colgate University

Sessions:  April 19, 2013:

1. “Huntington v. Fukuyama: One World or Many”

2. “What is a Civilization?”

3. “Huntington and the Clash of Civilizations”

Sessions:  April 20, 2013:

4. “Huntington and his Critics”

5. “Clashes within Civilization”

6. Session VI: “The Future of the West”