Christopher Hill

Chris Hill earned his Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin in 2008 and has advanced degrees in both medieval and modern European history. He has taught at the University of Texas and Hamilton College, where he received the Sidney Wertimer Award for excellence in teaching in 2010. A legal historian by training, he is particularly interested in the relationship between religion and law during the high Middle Ages and the impact that relationship had on the idea of individual liberty in the developing English common law. An ardent critic of political orthodoxy in academe, he wrote while a graduate student a novel satirizing political correctness on a fictional college campus. The book, Virtual Morality, won the Editors’ Book Award from Pushcart Press in the year 2000. His reviews have appeared in the Wall Street Journal. He is currently researching the history of the concept of liberty as a Bakwin Fellow at the AHI. He and his wife, Stephanie, live with their three children in Waterville, NY.

Sheila O’Connor-Ambrose

Sheila O’Connor-Ambrose earned a Ph.D. in women’s studies from Emory University in 2007, working under the direction of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. O’Connor-Ambrose edited Fox-Genovese’s posthumously published Marriage: The Dream That Refuses to Die (ISI Books, 2008), and, with Ann Hartle, she co-edited Explorations and Commitments: Religion, Faith, and Culture, Volume IV of History and Women, Culture and Faith: Selected Writings of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (University of South Carolina Press, 2012). O’Connor-Ambrose is working on a book about contemporary novelist Gail Godwin. She and Douglas Ambrose, AHI Charter Fellow, co-direct the Christopher Dawson Society for the Study of Faith and Reason. They have three children, Antonia, Augusta, and Dominic, and live in Utica, New York.