Dexter, an independent student newspaper at Hamilton College with the motto de omnibus dubitandum est (everything is to be doubted), has published its first issue (be patient for download), which features stories about a number of events sponsored by the AHI.

Editors Liz Farrington and Tim Minella, speaking as students who “fear for the future” of their institution, intend to “boldly enter” on campus “the arena of ideas.”  Dexter’s reporting will strive to hold students, faculty, and administrators “accountable” for their actions and policies.  Accountability requires vigilance. The distribution of “vast sums” by Hamilton’s Student Assemply, for example, will come under Dexter’s scrutiny.  The editors have no illusions about the magnitude of their task.  If they ultimately play the role of King Canute trying to hold back the tide that is steadily eroding Hamilton’s proud 200-year tradition of liberal arts education, they declare, let history record  that some of Hamilton’s students opposed such “a headlong dive into the future.”

Funded by the Leadership Institute, a conservative non-profit educational organization located in Arlington, Virginia, Dexter begins publication with stories on the role of diversity in strategic planning, the proposed Cultural Education Center at Hamilton College, and the lectures by AHI-sponsored guests Barry Shain, Gerald Russello, and Judge Jeffrey Sutton.

The founders of the AHI applaud Liz and Tim and their staff for their courage and initiative.  Let history record that the AHI stands with you.