President Biden’s new executive order to limit illegal crossings on the southern border is full of exemptions for people who claim asylum, Joe Simonson reports in his latest investigative story for the Washington Free Beacon. An “alumnus” of the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) and 2015 graduate of Hamilton College, Mr. Simonson based his report on an internal memo from the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Even after the border is “allegedly shut down,” he writes, migrants may still enter the country. “Any ‘noncitizen’ … may be permitted to enter under ‘urgent humanitarian’ conditions … Those ‘humanitarian’ conditions, according to the memo, include asylum claims. If a migrant claims a fear of ‘acute medical emergency,’ ‘an imminent and extreme threat to life or safety,’ or is a ‘victim of a severe trafficking in persons,’ they may enter the country. Deportation officers stationed on the southern border, Department of Homeland Security guidelines state, ‘will not determine whether noncitizens are subject to an exception to the limitation of asylum eligibility.’”

Even after someone is slated for expedited removal, “he may still claim a ‘fear of return’” and would thus “be temporarily relieved of an immediate deportation.” Furthermore, in ICE facilities where migrants are detained for expedited removal, “signage must be visible in various languages that inform non-citizens of how they can ‘claim a fear of return or an intention to seek asylum or related protection.’”

Law enforcement officials, Mr. Simonson adds, have “recorded more than eight million illegal border crossings since Biden took office.”