“The Making of American Scripture:  Course II” began to a packed house on Wednesday evening, 19 January, in the Westlake Media Center at the Alexander Hamilton Institute.  Professor Christopher Hill, resident fellow at the AHI and a prizewinning teacher and author, heads the course that also includes contributions from Professors Douglas Ambrose and Robert Paquette, co-founders of the AHI.

“The Making of American Scripture” focuses on the evolving historical relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from the time of the founding of the United States to the end of the Civil War.  Attendants will have to digest food from a healthy list of primary sources that begins with key documents from English history.  Those who have signed up for the course include Hamilton College undergraduates, lawyers, business executives, veterans, institutional leaders, and high-school teachers.  They will join with students in Professor Paquette’s seminar in “The History of the Early Republic” for collaborative educational enhancements such as attendance 29 March at the presentation by Dr. Bruce Cole, President and CEO of the American Revolution Center in Philadelphia, on “The American Revolution:  Who Cares?”

“The Making of American Scripture” is funded by the VERITAS Fund for Higher Education Reform. The Thomas W. Smith Foundation will  be funding Professor Hill’s course in 2011-2012 on  the Western legal tradition.

For information contact Robert L. Paquette at bob@theahi.org.