On 28 April 2009, the Hamilton College Republican Club hosted AHI Senior Fellow Robert Kraynak of Colgate University. Professor Kraynak received his Ph. D. from Harvard University, teaches in the political science department at Colgate University, directs its Center for Freedom and Western Civilization, and advises Colgate’s College Republicans. He has published extensively on both religious and political thought.

The AHI prefaced Professor Kraynak’s talk by hosting a dinner that included the College Republicans and members of the Hamilton College faculty. Conversation turned to such issues as differences in the political climate on the Hamilton College and Colgate University campuses, the creation of a ROTC program at Hamilton College, gay marriage, and the presidential prospects of Newt Gingrichin 2012. Professor Kraynak’s Western Civilization program had recently sponsored the appearance of Mr. Gingrich at Colgate University.

After dinner, Professor Kraynak delivered a lecture at Hamilton College entitled “The Future of the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement.” His lecture focused on the presidency of George W. Bush, theimpact of the Obama administration on national politics, the pros and cons of the conservative entertainment movement, and the flaws in the McCain 2008 presidential campaign. He ended his lectureby discussing themultiple strands of contemporary conservatism.He offered the members of the audience “the homework for the next fifty years

[of their lives].” Young conservatives, he argued,should arm themselves for the war of ideas by reading great works by the leaders of the American Right: Russell Kirk, Harvey Manfield, Samuel Huntington, for example.

The AHI applauds the work of the Hamilton College Republican Club against the odds in attempting to bring intellectual diversity to Hamilton College.