The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) could not exist without the generous support of private donors. On principle, AHI takes no money from government at any level.  The overwhelming majority of donors to AHI are persons of modest means who appreciate our efforts at educational reform and continuing education.

The AHI InnIn early December, AHI announced that its stately headquarters was targeted for a major renovation of the area leading from AHI’s treasure rooms to the media center. As soon as the estimated $50,000 sum was raised for the project, it would get underway. It would allow Hamilton College students access to the building for conversations, study, and research. AHI has four major collections that can be used on site:  on military history, on southern history, on the idea and institution of liberty, and on Western civilization. AHI is committed to the free and open exchange of ideas.  Students who must censor themselves on campus to survive should demand a refund.  The situation suggests just how far campuses have fallen from a place of illumination to one of darkness.

That said, someone out there likes us.  On the day after Christmas, AHI received from an anonymous donor a check for $50,000 to fund the proposed renovation.

To the anonymous donor, whoever he or she might be, please know that your donation will be used wisely and well.