Roger Kimball, co-editor and publisher of The New Criterion, President and Publisher of Encounter Books, and academic adviser to the AHI, served as master of ceremonies for a gala tenth anniversary celebration of Encounter Books, held at the New-York Historical Society on Wednesday, 12 November. Several hundred business leaders, philanthropists, and scholars from across the country attended. The list of invited guests included three persons with AHI affiliations: Carl Menges, Candace de Russy, and Robert Paquette.

Under Mr. Kimball’s leadership, Encounter Books has received national recognition for publishing an impressive series of lucid, against-the-grain volumes that combine intellectual depth with mass appeal. On Wednesday evening, the audience heard from such best-selling authors as Peter Collier, Destructive Generation; Herbert London, America’s Secular Challenge; Roy W. Spencer, Climate Confusion; and Melanie Phillips,Londonistan.

One of the highlights of the evening was the showing of a taped interview by Peter Robinson, a Hoover Institution fellow, of Thomas Sowell.  Professor Sowell, one of this country’s most visible public intellectuals, discussed race relations in the United States and the major themes of his best-selling book Black Rednecks and White Liberals. Melanie Phillips, an intrepid, prize-winning columnist for London’s Daily Mail, provided the evening’s most sobering words on the state of Western civilization in discussing how the ideology of multiculturalism  in Great Britain and continental Europe has fostered  the rise of an Islamicimperium in imperio.  In the United States, declared Ms. Phillips, you still have a culture war.  In Great Britain, the West has already surrendered.