The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) and the Kinder Forum at the University of Missouri will co-sponsor a talk on property rights by James W. Ely Jr. on Tuesday, March 21 at 12:00 PM (CDT) at the Saint Louis Club, 7701 Forsyth Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63105. Ticket price for the event is $25 and seating is limited. Please register at .

Dr. Ely, Milton R. Underwood Professor of Law Emeritus, Vanderbilt Law School, ranks as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the history of property rights in the United States. In his lecture “The Property-Centered Constitutionalism of the Founding Generation and Its Continued Vitality Today,” Dr. Ely will explore the pivotal role of property rights in the constitution-making process of the post-Revolutionary Era.

Stressing the influence of the English constitutional tradition on the founding generation, Dr. Ely will argue that the high regard for the rights of property owners reflected the twin objectives of protecting individual liberty and encouraging economic growth. The lecture will also consider whether property-conscious constitutionalism has any continuing vitality today.

Dr. Ely earned his L.L.B. from Harvard University and his Ph.D. and M.A. in History from University of Virginia.  In 2006 he received the Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Prize and the Owner Counsel of American Crystal Eagle Award.  His books include The Guardian of Every Other Right: A Constitutional History of Property Rights (Oxford University Press, 3rd ed. 2008) and Railroads and American Law, (University Press of Kansas, 2001).  He has published dozens of essays in such journals as Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy and Journal of Supreme Court History.