The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) proudly announces a Pre-Super Bowl gathering.  Douglas Ambrose, Professor of History, Hamilton College, will speak on “The Ironies of The Federalist.” The event will take place from 4 pm to 6 pm, Sunday, February 2, at AHI headquarters, 21 W. Park Row, Clinton. The event is open to the public.  Catered food will be served.

Dr. Ambrose’s publications include The Many Faces of Alexander Hamilton: The Life and Legacy of America’s Most Elusive Founding Father (NYU 2006).  He has won multiple teaching prizes.  This event will kick-off the second half of AHI’s Federalist Reading cluster, which is also open to the public.

In addition, AHI President Robert Paquette will have several important announcements about AHI programming:

  1. AHI’s weekly continuing education class will begin on February 3 at 6:30 pm at AHI headquarters. AHI Resident Fellow Dr. David Frisk will run a weekly course on “Presidential Power.” Course materials provided free of charge.
  2. The Annual Undergraduate Conference in the American Polity will take place this year at Princeton University, April 3-4. This conference brings together outstanding undergraduates from across the country who will present on a wide range of themes related to American politics.
  3. Applications for AHI’s acclaimed two-week summer national security program (WAPONS) are now open. It will take place June 14-28.
  4. AHI will announce a special event in April related to discovered connections between AHI’s historic headquarters, Hamilton College, and the Alpha Delta Phi Literary Society.

We look forward to seeing you there.