On October 27, the anniversary of the publication of the first number of The Federalist, the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) held a series of special events that included its first blood drive with the New York – Penn Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross.  With the help of the AHI Undergraduate Fellows Program and the Hamilton College chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, the drive not only exceeded its quota, but at the end even had to turn people away.


Red Cross Board Member William Rudge congratulated the AHI on a job well done and for establishing “what can become a fourth Kirkland Community Bloodmobile site.”  “The drive was great,” commented Red Cross representative Julia Collier, “and I can’t thank you enough!  Especially now with the mess that Hurricane Sandy has made, it’s made collections even more difficult and more necessary than before, so we need drives to do as well as yours did.”

In a communication to Jon Vick, Secretary of the Alpha Delta Phi Alumni Association, AHI Charter Fellow Bob Paquette expressed his deep appreciation for the fraternity’s support of the blood drive. “The young men of ADP,” Paquette emphasized, “made a very favorable impression on the senior citizens who volunteered to work the reception table.  ADP President David Goldstein led the way in packing our headquarters with donors.”  “Those that made appointments,” said David Lowell, Mobile Unit Assistant for the Red Cross, “showed up.  That spoke to the dedication of the donors.”  Mrs. William Rudge, a Red Cross veteran volunteer, was deeply impressed by character of the young gentlemen she saw in the reception room.   The AHI echoes her assessment.