The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) is pleased to announce that the Manhattan Institute, one of the premier organizations in the United States for shaping urban public policy, has hired Dean Ball, co-leader of the AHI’s Undergraduate Fellows Program, to serve as Policy Manager of the Center for State and Local Leadership (CSLL).  He will assume his new post after graduation in May 2014.

AHI Undergraduate Fellow Dean Ball. Photo Copyright 2013 Tom Loughlin Jr, Utica, N.Y.

For more than thirty years, the Manhattan Institute has conducted research and education designed to shape public policy in a way that accords with “economic choice and individual responsibility.”  Six policy centers with more than fifty experts produce work in such fields as health care, higher education, legal policy, urban development, immigration, energy, and the economy.  Headquartered in New York City, the Manhattan Institute is uniquely focused on urban and state policy, rather than on federal policy. It is one of the country’s only leading think tanks to be headquartered outside of Washington, although its experts are located throughout the United States. The Manhattan Institute is perhaps best known for its “broken windows” policy, a highly innovative approach to policing that helped transform New York City under Mayor Rudy Giuliani from one of the most crime-ridden cities in America to among the safest. The Manhattan Institute also publishes City Journal, a quarterly magazine of considerable intellectual heft and influence on a wide range of urban political, cultural, and economic issues.

“As the Policy Manager for the Manhattan Institute’s Center for State and Local Leadership (CSLL),” said Mr. Ball,  “I will assist the Center’s director and scholars in publishing policy reports, promoting our work in the press, scheduling events with policy experts and government leaders, and more. CSLL is devoted to researching and highlighting innovative public policies at the state and local level, especially on issues such as public finance, education, and policing. Although many of the country’s foremost policy experts publish work with CSLL, it is not simply an academic enterprise; CSLL also works with government leaders to implement policy. For example, CSLL has recently been on the ground in Detroit, working with the police force to bolster public safety.”

AHI Resident Fellows Dr. David Frisk and Chris Hill congratulated Dean on his achievement.  “Dean is a dedicated young man of courage and intellectual sophistication,” said Frisk. “As such, he should be a great fit at the Manhattan Institute.”  “I couldn’t be happier for Dean,” Hill added. “Thoughtful, courageous, intelligent; he represents the best of what we hope to attract in students affiliated with the AHI. I’m delighted for him and proud for us. What terrific news.”  AHI Board Member Jim Schoff pointed out that Dean Ball’s achievement recalls that of his friend Thomas Cheeseman, a former AHI undergraduate fellow who is now finishing his coursework on scholarship at Vanderbilt Law School.   “It is certainly a fact,” said Schoff, “that the students from

[the AHI] are prepared to succeed in the real world, Thomas Cheeseman and now Dean Ball.  . . .. [T]hey spend their time on productive work to make themselves better.  Congratulations to Dean and the AHI fellows who led him to this early career success!”

“Dean Ball is a gentleman of character, integrity, and courage,” commented AHI Charter Fellow Douglas Ambrose, who is currently supervising Dean in an independent study of the Bible.  “What has most impressed me, however, is his intellectual curiosity and honesty.  He has brought honor to the AHI. He will be a wonderful addition to the Manhattan Institute.” “Dean Ball began participating in the AHI’s intellectual life as a freshman almost four years ago,” noted AHI Charter Fellow Robert Paquette.  “He has rarely missed an AHI event, and indeed, has taken a leadership role in organizing many of them. He has matured into a young man of intellectual quality and exemplary courage, adept on his feet, skilled in debate.  The Manhattan Institute will be getting a considerable talent, one committed to a life of engagement with the great books in the Western canon. I could not be more pleased with this development.” Dean has a set of liberal-arts skills particularly well-suited for the versatile minds of the Manhattan Institute.”