AHI Undergraduate Fellow Thomas Cheeseman has accepted a position with the Tax Foundation, a prominent educational organization devoted to informing “taxpayers about sound tax policy and the size of the tax burden borne by Americans at all levels of government.”  Founded in 1937 and located in Washington D.C., the Tax Foundation performs its work related to government finance on the premise that “the dissemination of basic information  . . . is the foundation of sound policy in a free society.”  The Foundation’s basic principles include transparency, stability, and simplicity.

AHI Undergraduate Fellow Thomas Cheeseman

Mr. Cheeseman, an economics major at Hamilton College, participated in a wide range of other AHI activities over four years. “I am very pleased to have obtained this position at the Tax Foundation through the Charles Koch Institute, observed Mr. Cheeseman. “I look forward to being part of a team dedicated to protecting economic liberties in a time where it appears vogue to trample on individual rights in order to pursue utilitarian reconstructions of society. My time at the AHI has prepared me to succeed in any environment. My participation in the Christopher Dawson Society, Edmund Burke Association, and the F. A. Hayek reading group were both essential to the development of my positions and to my ability to articulate them. All that is left is for me to work my hardest as I proudly represent the AHI in all of my future endeavors.”

“Thomas has always combined a probing intellect with a sincere commitment to the pursuit of truth,” observed AHI Charter Fellow Doug Ambrose.  “Working with him these past four years has been a wonderful experience.  He appreciates the rigors and rewards of serious intellectual work; he talks, for example, about Aquinas on the natural law with a passion—and insight–that warms the heart and excites the mind.  He also possesses the courage to defend and articulate his beliefs in the face of formidable criticism.  He has represented the AHI with distinction and dedication, and we are enormously proud of his having secured a position with the Tax Foundation.  Students like Thomas Cheeseman give us hope for the future.”   “For those of us deeply involved in the activities of the AHI,” added Robert Paquette, “this achievement will come as no surprise.  Thomas Cheeseman has impressed many visiting scholars with his probing questions on politics, economics, and political philosophy.  He has an enviable command of Burke, Hayek, and Oakeshott, among others.  Thomas will leave the AHI as one of its finest products.”