AHI Resident Fellow Mary Grabar has been interviewed by scores of media outlets over the past several months, on her book  Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America” (Regnery History; August 20, 2019) with upcoming interviews on her on December 5 on “Point of View” and December 10 on “Stand America.”

Dr. Grabar’s book has been reviewed by The Washington Times, American Spectator, The Federalist, and Legal Insurrection. Her Amazon best-selling book was also listed in World Magazine as one of the “Forty new history books worth reading.”

Mary Grabar’s interviews can be found listed below.

July 31: Mandy Connell Show, 850 KOA Radio, Denver

August 11: Claudia Tenney, The Hard Truth, 100.7 WUTQ, Utica, NY (recorded July 27)

August 16: Rod Thomson, Defending America

August 18: Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, iHeart Media of the Hudson Valley, Poughkeepsie (recorded August 2)

 August 19:

Andrew Wilkow, the Wilkow Majority

August 20:

Sandy Rios, American Family Radio:  https://afr.net/podcasts/sandy-rios-in-the-morning/2019/august/discussion-with-mary-grabar-on-her-new-book-debunking-howard-zinn/

Andrew Klavan, The Andrew Klavan Show, Daily Wire

Marc Bernier, Marc Bernier Show: https://www.marcberniershow.com/Mary-Grabar-8-520.html

In the Market with Janet Parshall

August 21:

The Morning Show with Brian Thomas: 

Faune Riggin, Real Talk

Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network

The Gary Nolan Show

Kirby Wilbur, KVI AM 570, Kirby Nation:  https://web.archive.org/web/20190823044523/http://kvi.com/podcast/kirby-wilbur-show/kirby-nation-mary-grabar

Dave Elswick

Mark Hahn

August 22:

Paul Harrell, Conduit Radio News:  https://www.facebook.com/ConduitNews/videos/496261364441588/

Scot Bertram, Radio Free Hillsdale Hour

Oh Hale YEAH:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/oh-hale-yeah-with-tj-hale/id1438201012

Dennis Prager, Dennis Prager Show: https://omny.fm/shows/townhall-review-conservative-commentary-on-todays/fake-history-created-by-howard-zinn-mary-grabar-an

Terry Lowry, What’s UP Radio

Crosswalk w/Gino Geraci

Georgene Rice, Georgene Rice Show:  https://kpdq.com/radioshow/1570; https://am870theanswer.com/podcast/details/6410?tag=Mary%20Grabar

August 23:

After Dark w/Brandon Vogt

KB Burns

Mornings w/James Lakey

Southern Sense w/Annie Ubelis

August 25:

Tron Simpson, radio

August 26:

Phil Cowan Show

Zeb at the Ranch

August 28:

KIDO Talk Radio w/Kevin Miller

Epoch Times podcast w/Joshua Philipp

August 29:

The Denise Simon Experience, radio

August 30:

The Schilling Show, Rob Schilling, Newsradio WINA:  https://wina.com/podcasts/the-schilling-show-8-30-19-hour-2-mary-grabar-fred-lucas-robert-tracci/

Mark Bauerlein, podcast, First Things

September 1:

Issues & Interviews w/Kiernan Michael Lalor

September 3:

September 3:  WMAL, Mornings on the Mall: with Vince Coglianese and Mary Walter, Washington, D.C. http://www.wmal.com/2019/09/03/mornings-on-the-mall-09-03-19-ken-boone-dan-mchugh-kerry-picket-mary-grabar/

The Michael Koolidge Show

September 5: 

The Sam Sorbo Show

Radio Free Hillsdale Hour:  https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-radio-free-hillsdale-hour/e/63713630?autoplay=true

September 12:

The Eric Metaxas Show https://www.metaxastalk.com/podcast/friday-october-4-2019/

September 19:

The Ed Martin Show

September 20:

Kieran Lalor

Mike Slater, KFMB, San Diego

September 23:

Bill Martinez Live

podcast Rachel Brown, University of Chicago history professor

October 1:

Janet Mefferd Today:

October 2:

Barry Farber

October 3:

Ken Matthews, Harrisburg. Subs for Rush Limbaugh, see more

October 14:

WMAL “Mornings on the Mall” Columbus Day

Rod Arquette, KNRS 570, Salt Lake City

November 18:

Donna Hearn


November 25:

Lars Larson Show, Portland

November 26:

WMAL “Thanksgiving” prerecorded

The Schilling Show

December 5:

Point of View

December 10:

Stand America, Bishop E.W. Jackson