Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow at The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), was invited to speak at The Monday Meeting, on December 9. Dr. Grabar  spoke on her new best-selling book Debunking Howard Zinn. Additional speakers for the evening included Claudia Tenney, Samantha Harris, Michael Reilly, Gavin Wax, and Neal Carter.

The Meeting begins at 6:00 pm, adjourns at 7:30 pm, and features 4-6 speakers.  Speakers are introduced, are given 8-10 minutes to make remarks, and the remarks are followed by a brief panel discussion and Q+A.Founded in 2002, The Monday Meeting is a monthly, off-the-record, invitation-only gathering of 200-300 leaders from the worlds of finance, business, politics and the national media.  It is held at the Women’s National Republican Club, at 3 W. 51st Street, at Rockefeller Center.

Following The Monday Meeting there is a private cocktail reception with speakers, media, and donors, which is then followed by an even more exclusive dinner.

Past speakers have included:

  • Senators including John Barrasso, Richard Burr, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson. Jerry Moran, Rand Paul, Tim Scott, John Thune, and Pat Toomey.
  • More than three dozen current Members of Congress, including Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers
  • Authors Ann Coulter, Jonathan Haidt, Philip K. Howard, Laura Ingraham, Judith Miller, Charles Murray, Peggy Noonan, Dana Perino, Anthony Scaramucci, Amity Shlaes, and Tom Wolfe.
  • Tammy Bruce, Kellyanne Conway, Monica Crowley, Carly Fiorina, Steve Forbes, John Fund, Newt Gingrich, Sebastian Gorka, Nikki Haley, Sean Hannity, Garry Kasparov, Kris Kobach, Bill Kristol, Larry Kudlow, Ed Meese, Mick Mulvaney, Michael Mukasey,  James O’Keefe, Ambassador Michael Oren, George Pataki, Mike Pence, SEC Commissioner Mike Piwowar, John Podhoretz, Mike Pompeo, Tom Price, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions, Mark Simone, Bret Stephens, and James Taranto.

Mary Grabar earned her PhD from the University of Georgia and taught college English for 20 years. She is the author of the book Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America (August, 2019). She is now a Resident Fellow at the AHI in Clinton, New York. Her writing can be found at and at