The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) congratulates Resident Fellow, Mary Grabar, on the recent publication in paperback of Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America.  The paperback immediately reached number-one bestseller status in historiography on Amazon.  The hardcover version has gone through three printings.

Praise for Dr. Grabar’s book and media requests for her expertise continue to roll in.

Krystina Skurk, publishing in The Federalist, an online magazine devoted to political and cultural issues, listed Grabar’s book as one of the top eight sources of information to challenge arguments presented by The New York Times in its much ballyhooed 1619 Project. Skurk echoes Grabar in seeing Howard Zinn’s anti-American screed A People’s History of the United States as the “philosophical grandfather” of the 1619 Project.  “Grabar meticulously picks apart Zinn’s book,” Skurk writes, “from his chapter on Christopher Columbus to his chapters on the founding, the Civil War, World War II, and the Cold War.”

On July 9, The Bill Walton Show, which features “conversations with leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers who offer fresh perspectives on money, culture and politics,” invited Grabar for the podcast “Howard Zinn’s War on History.”

On July 24, Ray McCoy interviewed Grabar for an article published by American Greatness, an online journal “dedicated to educating Americans about the values and principles that make our nation exceptional.”  She has no doubt that Zinn would be smiling from the grave at the current cultural revolution underway on campuses, in cities, and even in corporate boardrooms. He “glorified” anti-establishment violence.  “Anything that tears apart our society, the family structure, Zinn would be for,” she declared. “His concern for women’s rights—that has nothing to do with actual women—is to abolish the family.”

On July 28, The Casey and Elliott Show on Fox affiliate WCBM in Baltimore, interviewed Grabar about what has happened to the teaching of history in the United States. The lead question: “Where did we go wrong?”  In considerable detail, she evidenced the “lies and distortions” in Zinn’s A People’s History and how they were infiltrated into American classrooms by Zinn’s acolytes and the profitable industry they created.

On July 29, the Ben Shapiro Show hosted Grabar to discuss how pervasive the influence of Zinn and “the Zinn industry” are in the teaching of history in the United States.


Grabar’s recent writings include several op-eds.  On July 3, Just the News, a media outlet launched by the journalist John Solomon, published her thoughts on Independence Day.  In “Enduring through War and Depression, Independence Day Now Threatened by Blind Hatred of Past,” she contrasts the current mayhem directed at defacing and destroying statues and monuments with the reverence shown for Independence Day in celebrations past, from the time of John Adams to that of Gerald Ford. The radical left, she concludes, have succeeded all too well in hollowing out the core principles of the Declaration of Independence.

She has also published in Frontpagemag, an online journal sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  In “Fighting ‘The 1619 Project’ Fake History: Lessons from Howard Zinn’s Fake History,” Grabar marvels at the speed by which an industry emerged to insinuate the 1619 Project into school curricula.   “A 100-page pastiche of cherry-picked history, research of dubious provenance, memoir, poetry, racial grievance, and Marxist theory in a Sunday magazine format, —which is what The 1619 Project is—has no place, Grabar stresses, “in any school’s history curriculum.”