In “The Never-Ending ‘1619 Riots,’’’ Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, predicts there are more race riots coming to the United States.  Daniel Penny’s case will not exhaust the list, and it, according to Dr. Grabar, has ample precedent.

For those who have not been following the news closely, Mr. Penny, a former Marine–who happens to be white–interceded to subdue Jordan Neely–who happens to be black–after Neely was ferociously threatening passengers on a Manhattan subway, Monday afternoon, May 1, 2023. Penny put the deranged Neely in chokehold. Before Penny let up, Neely succumbed to what the medical examiner ruled was a “compression of neck.”

Two citizens, one black and one Hispanic, assisted in Neely’s restraint by holding his legs down. Instead of getting plaudits as a Good Samaritan, Alvin Bragg, the George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney, singled out Penny and brought him up on charges of second-degree manslaughter. Not skipping a beat, radical protesters, white and black, followed by commandeering a subway car. They said that Penny’s charges did not go far enough.

Jordan Neely’s long previous history of crimes surfaced after the fact. He had more than forty arrests to his credit, among them assaults and pushing pedestrians onto railroad tracks. “After assaulting and seriously injuring a 67-year-old woman,” observed Grabar, Neely “spent over a year awaiting trial, then pleaded guilty and was ordered to spend 15 months in a treatment facility.” He “left [unannounced] after 13 days” of confinement.

According to Grabar, these incidents of disorder have ample precedent. George Schuyler, the conservative black journalist and intellectual, pointed them out long ago. When the Soviet archives were opened up in the 1990s, whites in the United States were “‘on the payroll of Soviets’ in stoking racial violence.”

The activist journalist, Nikole Hannah-Jones, never one to let a racial crisis go to waste, interpreted events predictably according to the “‘1619 Project riots’ script.”  She chalked up “the Neely incident as a ‘vigilante killing’ of a ‘poor’ person, who was even more ‘reviled’ because he was also ‘Black.’” Penny throttled Neely to death “because he didn’t like how he was behaving.’ She [Hannah-Jones] felt like crying, when an unnamed tweeter “comment[ed] about Neely being ‘hungry and homeless and thirsty and tired.’ She asked why ‘nobody just, like, offered Jordan Neely a swig from their water bottle’ or tried to ‘pry off the guy literally strangling him to death?’”

Facts don’t matter to Hannah-Jones, Alvin Bragg, and others of their ideological bent. For Grabar, they are running a “ruse intended to eliminate the color-blindness of our legal system.”   The net effect is they seek not to reform the United States but transform it.

Dr. Grabar’s article was picked up in “Real Clear Politics” and “Legal Insurrection.”