Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), has published two recent essays about the concerted effort to insinuate The 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory (CRT) into all levels of the education system. In “The Pulitzer Center Helps 1619 Project Teachers Subvert Laws Banning Racism,” published by The Federalist, Dr. Grabar describes the efforts of Penguin Random House and the Pulitzer Center, as well as the New York Times, to substitute scholarship for ideology into the schools, beginning with kindergarten.  In “The 1619 Project and Classroom Struggle Sessions,” published by FrontPage Magazine, she points out that the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), whose capacious endowment exceeds that of most major universities, has been enlisted in the cause.  Nikole Hannah-Jones, the architect of The 1619 Project, seeks to drive policy discussions from top to bottom.  “At the center of those policies, Hannah-Jones writes in a recent book, “must be reparations [for slavery].”

Parents should know what they are up against, said Dr. Grabar.  The dogmatists are well-heeled and well-organized. Webinars have already been instructing teachers on how to circumvent resistance to teaching The 1619 Project and CRT from parents and legislatures.  The Pulitzer Center has stood at the ready to offer teacher’s guides and supplementary materials even before The 1619 Project was published.  The process is also being lubricated with a disbursement of $5000 to teachers.  The charitable arm of Penguin Random House has gotten into the act “by using a consortium of bookstores, a nonprofit that distributes ‘diverse books’ (partially funded by Penguin Random House!), and Hannah-Jones via Twitter to encourage fans to purchase copies to donate to libraries, schools, organizations, and after-school programs.”

Learning for Justice, the educational arm of SPLC, has devoted substantial sums to developing a framework for introducing The 1619 Project and CRT into schools as part of the “Teaching Hard History” initiative.  “The political intent of the expanded 1619 Project is clearer than ever,” Grabar maintains.  “Most of the historical errors of the original Project remain and are even compounded.”

The Federalist is an online magazine devoted to culture, politics, and religion. FrontPage Magazine, an online publication of the David Horowitz Center, has as its mission the defense of “free societies which are under attack from enemies within and without, both secular and religious.”