Alexander Riley, Senior Fellow, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), teaches sociology at Bucknell University.  In “Transgenderism is the Latest Woke Insult to Sports Fan,” Dr. Riley warns that “the world of professional sports, like so much else in our culture, is now essentially lost to the Revolution.”

The culture of Wokeness, Riley contends, has spread to most major sports.  He notes in particular the fawning treatment of transgender athletes by the mainstream media during June’s Gay Pride Month.  The mindless embrace of transgenderism, Riley contends, inflicts multiple personal and social harms and risks lasting damage to at least some of the trans athletes themselves.

He focuses on the case of Patricio Manuel, a biological woman, who is now competing as a man in the boxing ring.  Riley watched Manuel’s first and only fight to date.  “If Manuel does get into the ring with a competent and unrestrained male fighter,” he concluded, “it is highly likely that the trans boxer will be seriously injured. And those cheering this on will have to shoulder some of the blame for making that possible.”