The College Fix, a website run by the Student Free Press Association, has taken notice of Casimir Zablotski’s Enquiry article on Bernie Sanders at Hamilton College. In “New Details about Bernie Sanders’ Career as a Professor Emerge,” The College Fix praises Zablotski, a Hamilton College sophomore, for his investigative journalism.

Although Sanders lacks a graduate degree, he managed to land a visiting appointment at Hamilton College in 1990.  He taught two courses: “Democracy and Socialism” and “The Problems and Potential of Urban Life.”  Zablotski, an undergraduate fellow of The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), unearthed both course descriptions and Sanders’ role in starting a Marxist study group among the College’s faculty.

Enquiry is a student-run publication, which has as its mission the promotion of “free thought and discourse.”  The AHI, an independent educational non-profit, has sponsored Enquiry since its inception in 2013.