The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) is pleased to announce that Joseph Fornieri, Professor of Political Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, New York, has joined the AHI as a Senior Fellow.  He is the author of Abraham Lincoln’s Political Faith (2005), an acclaimed scholarly work that explores Lincoln’s religion and politics. He is also the author or editor of three other books on Abraham Lincoln’s political thought and statesmanship: The Language of Liberty: The Political Speeches and Writings of Abraham Lincoln (2003; revised ed. 2009); (with Kenneth L. Deutsch) Lincoln’s American Dream: Clashing Political Perspectives (2005); and (with Sara V. Gabbard) Lincoln’s America, 1809-1865 (2008). In addition, Fornieri has co-edited (with Kenneth L. Deutsch) An Invitation to Political Thought (2009), an introductory text to the classic political thinkers of the Western tradition from Plato to Nietzsche. At RIT he teaches American politics, political philosophy, and constitutional rights and liberties.

“Joseph Fornieri,” observed Josiah Bunting, Chairman, English Speaking Union, USA, and a charter member of the AHI’s Board of Directors, is widely-regarded as one of the most acute modern scholars of the character and political genius of Abraham Lincoln — and he is among Lincoln’s most compelling ambassadors to rising generations of American students. “  “Anyone who has been in a room with Joseph Fornieri for more than a few minutes,” added AHI Charter Fellow Robert Paquette, “knows that he is a man of intellect, passion, and charisma. Like many of our AHI fellows, he has won teaching prizes, and early in 2014, the AHI will have a significant announcement to make about a major initiative that he will launch in partnership with the AHI.”

At RIT, Fornieri won the Provost’s Award for outstanding teaching for junior faculty and the Eisenhart Award for outstanding teaching for tenured faculty.  He was a Fulbright Lecturer, 2008-2009 in Prague, Czech Republic where he taught American political thought and First Amendment Law at Charles University.  He lives in Fairport, New York with his wife Pam, his two daughters Bella and Natalie, and his two stepchildren J.J. and Helena. On the side, he plays guitar in a blues band.