Dr. David Frisk, Resident Fellow of the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) was an invited participant in a conference “Freedom, Prosperity, and Heroic Entrepreneurship in Economic Debate,” co-sponsored by Liberty Fund and the Charles Koch Foundation, January 29-31 in Springdale, Utah. Strata.org, a free-market educational organization, hosted the conference.

Topics in the six discussion sessions included the heroic qualities of entrepreneurship in comparison with other types of leadership, the role of entrepreneurs as risk-bearers and discoverers of profit opportunity, and the significance and encouragement of small entrepreneurs. Chris Fawson, Professor of Economics, Utah State University, led the discussion.

“I greatly enjoyed the intellectual stimulation involved in our lively, probing discussions of these important topics, based on an interesting set of readings ranging from Hegel and Rousseau to Andrew Carnegie to detailed economic analyses,” Dr. Frisk said. “Although my background is in political science and history, economics—including its most dynamic aspects, such as entrepreneurship—is central to the social sciences and to Western civilization.  The scenic location of the conference, just outside Zion National Park, was a nice plus.”

Among the other participants were Dr. Arthur Hall, Director, Center for Applied Economics, University of Kansas and former chief economist for the Public Affairs group of Koch Industries; William Dennis, a recently retired Senior Research Fellow, National Federation of Independent Business; Elizabeth Busch, Associate Professor and Coordinator of American Studies, Christopher Newport University in Virginia; and Michael Kofoed, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, U.S. Military Academy at West Point.