The Red Hen Inn, located in Lexington, Virginia, home of Washington and Lee University, appears to have adopted a politics of aggressive exclusion in deciding who can eat there.  In June, 2018, co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson asked  Sarah Huckabee Sanders to depart the premises because of her role as White House Press Secretary for President Donald Trump.  When a server at a high-end restaurant in Chicago spit on Donald Trump Jr. Ms. Wilkinson wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post defending the server.

On July 5, Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) responds in her article “A ‘Green Book’ for Conservatives?” Mary Grabar holds a PhD and has taught college English since 1993. She writes about education, culture, and politics. Her book, Debunking Howard Zinn (Regnery), will be published on August 20.