The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) congratulates Mary Grabar on the successful release of her second book, Debunking the 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America. The book quickly reached best-seller status in multiple categories on Amazon.

For more than a month, Dr. Grabar has been on a whirlwind tour of media.  She has given scores of interviews for local, regional, and national media. Various organizations have asked her to provide testimony about the defects of the 1619 Project and the dangers posed by the related drive to introduce Critical Race Theory into schools at all levels.

The information below highlights her recent activity.  Where possible, we have provided links so that our audience can read and listen to the material for themselves.

Interviews for Debunking The 1619 Project:

Aug. 25: Radio: The John Steigerwald Show

Aug. 26: Radio: Bob Dutko Show

Aug. 30:

Radio: The Dave Elswick Show, Little Rock, Salem Media
Radio: Bill Meyers Show

Aug. 31:

Radio: Perspectives “The Word,” Orlando
Zoom Video: LifeSite News
Bishop Jackson National Awakening Conference Call

Sept. 1:

Radio: Louie Free
Radio: Alabama’s Morning News
Zoom podcast: Vernuccio/Novak Report
Radio: KSCJ Drive Time Live

Sept. 2:

Podcast: Donald Dix, Inland Empire Answer
Podcast: Kathryn Camp
Podcast: Alexander Emmanual Sandalis
Radio: Stacey on the Right

Sept. 6: Radio: 55KRC, Dan Carroll, Cincinnati

Sept. 7: Radio: The Lars Larson Show, Portland, Oregon

Sept. 8:

Radio: The Shaun Casey Show, WCBM
Podcast: Bold and Blunt, Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times
Podcast: Radio Free Hillsdale Hour (Hillsdale College)
Radio: Janet Mefferd Today
Radio: Mark Reardon, KFTK, St. Louis
Radio: KDPQ, The Georgene Rice Show

Sept. 9:

Radio: The Schilling Show
Radio: The Kuhner Report, IHeart Radio
Podcast: KSFG, The Nick Reed Show
Radio: WATR, Talk of the Town
Radio: Dennis Prager Show
Radio: KNZR, Terry Maxwell
Podcast: The Conservative Daily
Podcast: The Virginia History Podcast, Robert Van Ness

Sept. 10:

Radio: WELI, Vinnie Penn, Conn.
Radio: KGNW, Live from Seattle

Sept. 11: Radio:  American Medicine Today

Sept. 12: Radio/Podcast: Charles Love Show

Sept. 13:

Radio: Peter Boyles Show, Denver
Podcast: Dinesh D’Souza
Radio: Bill Bunkley Show with Georgine Rice, Tampa
Radio: American Adversaries Radio

Sept. 15:

Radio: Talk of Delmarva, Jake Smith
Podcast: Eric Metaxas Show
Podcast: Aaron Briley
Radio: The Larry Elder Show with Carl Jackson

Sept. 16:

Podcast: Issues, Etc.
Podcast: History Unplugged

Sept. 17: Podcast: The Michael Shermer Show, Skeptic

Sept. 18:

Television: Fox and Friends with Pete Hegseth
Podcast: Sons of History, Alan Wakim and Dustin Bass

Sept. 20:

Radio: Todd Herman Show, KTTH, Seattle
Radio: The Joe Messina Show

Sept. 21: Podcast: Babylon Bee

Sept. 22:

Podcast: Shaun Tabatt Show
Radio: Conversations Eye to Eye, Crawford Broadcasting
Radio: In the Market with Janet Parshall

Sept. 27: Podcast: Crossroads TV, Epoch Times, interview with Joshua Phillips

Sept. 29: Radio: WMUZ, In the Light

Sept. 30:

Radio: The Ben Shapiro Show
Radio: Crosswalk with Gino Geraci, Salem, Denver
Radio: Patriot Talk Now

Oct. 1: Webinar: Clare Booth Luce Center for Conservative Women

Oct. 3: Webinar: California-based parent group, Mars Cheung

Oct. 7: Radio: Talk of the Town, WUTQ, Utica

Oct. 8: Radio: KARN, Little Rock, Doc Washburn

Oct. 14: Podcast: Mark My Words, Dr. Mark Evans

Oct. 19: Presentation: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Oct. 29: Zoom: Bakersfield College

Nov. 11: Panelist: Thursday Meeting, Charleston, SC

Nov. 15: Podcast: Work from Home


Nov. 15: Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta, Atlanta


Michigan Senate Hearing on SB 460 to prohibit teaching of CRT and The 1619 Project, introduced by Senator Lana Theis, October 5, 2021

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Interviews, Media, and Talks for Debunking Howard Zinn:

Sept. 25: Podcast, Christopher Columbus University with Robert Petrone

Oct. 5: Speaker, Amity Club, New Haven, Connecticut

Oct. 8: Filming for promotion in support of keeping Columbus monument in Syracuse, to be shown at Columbus Day Wreath Ceremony and Luncheon, Nicholas Pirro Convention Center, Syracuse

Oct. 11: Keynote speaker, Columbus Day Celebration, by Italian American Heritage Club Committee, Dante Alighieri Club, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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