Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) Resident Fellow Dr. Mary Grabar recently wrote an article for Federalist on the Melissa Click case which was also picked up by

In her article “Melissa Click: One Bad Professor Fired, Thousands More to Go,” Grabar discusses that although Click was eventually fired for her actions, “

[T]housands of professors, however, work without fear and do not feel bound to any job description by their employers: taxpayers and tuition payers. Compared to most working Americans, they enjoy incredible job security, comfortable compensations, and easy working conditions. In exchange, they abuse their authority by imposing their political views on students.”

Mary Grabar, Ph.D., has taught college English for over twenty years. She is the founder of the Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc., an education reform initiative that offers information and resources for students, parents, and citizens. The motto, “Resisting the Re-Education of America,” arose in part from her perspective as a very young immigrant from the former Communist Yugoslavia (Slovenia specifically). She writes extensively and is the editor of EXILED. Ms. Grabar is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis.