The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS), an educational non-profit located in Alexandria, Virginia, “supports and partners with professors to promote the teaching and research of classical liberal ideas and to advance higher education’s core purpose of intellectual discovery and human progress.”  Founded in 1961, IHS has a long and distinguished history in partnering with George Mason University in a broad array of programming to advance the ideals and institutions of a free society.  Recently, IHS interviewed Roger and Juliana Pilon about their distinguished scholarly careers.

Roger Pilon earned a Ph. D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from the George Washington University School of Law. In 1989, Roger founded the Cato Institute’s Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies. He has testified as an authority on the Constitution on multiple occasions before Congress. Juliana Pilon, an expert in national security, also earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago.  She taught at the National Defense University and directed the Center for Culture and Security at the Institute of World Politics.  Roger is an academic adviser to The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI); Juliana is an AHI senior fellow.

“Roger and Juliana Pilon have proven to be a blessing to AHI,” observed AHI President Robert Paquette.  “In engaging intellectually with either of them, you better be at the top of your game.  Roger has benefited AHI-connected students by advising them on law school and by helping us organize pre-law reading clusters.  His recent co-authored article “The American Understanding of Natural Rights” offers an excellent distillation of his thinking on the significance of the natural-rights tradition in the creation of the Republic.  Juliana directs AHI’s acclaimed summer national security program in Washington, D.C. In light of the current rioting and destruction infecting many of this country’s major cities, her erudite Utopian Conceit and the War on Freedom (2019) appears prescient.  AHI congratulates both on this well-deserved recognition from IHS.”