On October 11, the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI) joined forces with the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, the AHI Undergraduate Fellows Program, and the American Red Cross to sponsor a third annual blood drive.  During Parents Weekend at Hamilton College, dozens of Hamilton College students, their families, and local residents, left the hill to gather in downtown Clinton at AHI headquarters, beginning at 8:00 a.m.   Donors received gifts and catered food from the AHI.  AHI Undergraduate Fellows provided tours of AHI headquarters, including the new ADP/AHI treasure rooms, and received information about the AHI’s mission and programmatic activities.

Announcing the Third Annual ADP/AHI Blood Drive

Chris J. Hoffman, Red Cross Donor Center Account Manager, congratulated the AHI on its efforts.   “That evening,” said Hoffman, “the blood was shipped to our headquarters in West Henrietta, NY.  . . . The red cells help save the lives of trauma patients, premature babies and newborns, transplant patients, open heart surgery patients, anemic and sickle cell patients.  The platelets help save the lives of cancer and leukemia patients, and bone marrow recipients.  The plasma helps save the lives of trauma patients, burn victims and blood transfusion recipients.  Within 3 days, we will receive the green light to release the blood products and they are shipped to hospitals in our community, NY Penn Region and across the country on an as needed basis.”

Bill and Bev Rudge of the Kirkland Bloodmobile Committee donated their time to register donors.  They thanked the AHI for their efforts, noting that in giving blood AHI Resident Fellow David Frisk “provided an unexpected dividend, a first time double red donor.”  “As always,” said Mr. Rudge, “the AHI provided outstanding food and refreshments for donors and staff.  You are to be commended for exceptional support of the Red Cross Blood Services mission.”

AHI Undergraduate leader Amy Elinski not only gave blood but conducted tours of AHI headquarters during the open house, explaining the mission of the AHI to visitors.  “The AHI is an incredibly warm, welcoming place,” said Elinski. “Every person who steps through the front doors is treated as both an esteemed guest of honor and a beloved family member. It was an honor to be able to extend that same warmth and gratitude to those who visited the AHI, and express to them what a wonderful resource the AHI is to the community. The AHI and everyone involved have been such an incredible help to me, and I feel entirely blessed to be able to take part in it all.”