On 10 July President George W. Bush forwarded to the United States Senate the nomination of Robert L. Paquette  for a seat on the National Council of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Professor Paquette, one of the three founders of the AHI, has served the NEH in multiple capacities during his academic career.  President Bush nominated Paquette to fill the seat of the late Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, a prize-winning scholar and conspicuous public intellectual who received the National Humanities Medal in 2003.  Paquette paid tribute to Professor Fox-Genovese in the February 2007 issue of The New Criterion.

In learning of the nomination, Professor Paquette thanked President Bush and Dr. Bruce Cole, Chairman of the NEH, for their  support.  “Given recent trends in higher education,” Paquette noted, ‘the work of the NEH in cementing the bonds of E Pluribus Unum has become ever more important.  I am particularly honored to learn that President Bush has nominated me to fill the seat of someone for whom I have the highest respect as an intellectual and who not only played a crucial role in mentoring me as a graduate student, but who also provided me with infallible counsel and guidance during my professorial career.”