The recent attacks on law enforcement in American cities and towns have deep ideological roots in political movements going back to the 1960s, on the college campuses and beyond. Anti-Semitism was part of the mix at that time, and still is.

In the latest issue of the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, Juliana Geran Pilon, Senior Fellow at The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), places in historical context the close connections between today’s Palestinian extremist organizations, Marxists, and the Nation of Islam. Dr. Pilon emigrated to the United States from communist Romania in 1962, during a civil rights movement that saw prominent Jewish participation. Yet that did not diminish the anti-Semitism of the movement’s lunatic fringe. What was marginal became more mainstream over time, as the nation’s colleges and universities came to have a vocal anti-Zionist presence. Now as never before, the Jewish community is under pressure to reassess its political allegiances.

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