Mary Grabar, Resident Fellow, The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization (AHI), was recently interviewed for a President’s Day article on cancel culture on college campuses.  Student radicals and others have attacked presidential monuments, statues, building names, and supporters.

In the February 20, 2023, issue of The College Fix entitled “Here are 16 Times Campus Cancel Culture came for Presidents, Dead or Alive,” Dr. Grabar observes that “there has been so much focus on the sins of our past leaders that anyone who comes up short of meeting the woke standards of perfection is to be condemned and canceled.” The article contains data collected from The College Fix’s Campus Cancel Culture Database, which “chronicles and quantifies cancel culture’s influence on higher education, tracking its targets and noting its successes and failures.”

According to Grabar, “in order to prevent this downward spiral of cancellations, literature and history departments need to be revamped.”  A “classical study of literature helps in gaining an understanding of human nature,” she observed, and “[i]n studying history, likewise, students need to be reminded that all human beings are flawed and live in a specific time and under circumstances that conscribe what they are able to do.”